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Professional Triathlete & Canadian Olympian

Where has the time gone?

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This year just seems to be flying by! I can’t believe it’s already August. The last couple months just seem like a bunch of three minute clips all compiled together. I don’t remember all the details but there are certainly a number of moments that stick out. I can remember the Richards Bay World Cup…which was back in May, like it was yesterday. Although I was in podium contention for the entire run and up until 400m to go I even had a shot at winning, I was still extremely happy with how that race went. The weeks following the race were awesome. I can remember putting in some really good training and was running some of the best times I’ve ever run leading up to Worlds. Then of course there was the race…as much as I try to forget that one I can remember it vividly! Not the whole race but again just certain moments. The couple weeks after were pretty tough but I came out on the other side with loads of motivation and excitement for the next four years. I don’t remember much from Des Moines, although that’s probably because I was smoked in the face during the swim, that wasn’t too much fun. After that I made the decision to go to Europe and race 3 World Cup races in a row. That ended up being a great trip. The wheels started to fall off toward the end as the fatigue set in but I learned lots, and came out with a 12th and a 10th to move up to 21st on the World Cup rankings. When I returned from Europe I basically went straight to Marathon, Ontario for a Teck Cominco Kids of Steel triathlon, and since then I’ve been back in Victoria training with the boys. That brings us to today. I’m currently in the Vancouver airport waiting to board yet another plane…this time back to Ontario for my sister’s wedding which is tomorrow, pretty exciting! After the wedding I’ll spend a few days with my family and then it’s off to Beijing. It’s a little bitter sweet being the team alternate. I get to go and do pretty much everything but the one thing I want to do most…race. Of course in the extremely rare chance that something happens to one of the guys I will happily step in and toe the line. But more importantly I am being brought to Beijing to be a sponge! The goal is to learn as much as I possibly can in order to limit any potential surprises in London. I basically want to take as much away from the Olympic experience as possible!


Author: Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete 2012 Olympian 3x Canadian National Champion

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