Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete & Canadian Olympian

What an Experience!!!


I’ve just returned from my first Olympic experience! I was in Beijing for about a week as the alternate for the mens team. The Games were incredible! I had so much fun. Thanks a lot to Triathlon Canada for bringing me along! I tried to update this a few times while I was there but there must have been some sort of firewall with wordpress in China.

My time there went by really fast. I spent most of it hanging out at the villa. We had a really good atmosphere going on in there. The support crew were amazing. They took care of absolutely everything! It was a really good setup, very efficient.

Before the triathlon races I had the opportunity to go the track and watch an evening of finals. Thanks to Adam I got to see Usain Bolt win and break the 100m world record. All 90,000 spectators in the Bird’s Nest were going crazy. Bolt put on quite the show!

The couple days leading up to the race I got to train on the course with the guys and see how everything works behind the scenes. I learned that the race itself is just another race, not unlike any other World Cup. But, outside of the race itself there are many different rules and protocols that are very specific to the Olympics. I definitely learned a few things!

I watched both the mens and womens races from the grandstand. The womens race was cool to watch, Emma Snowsill absolutely dominated. It was very impressive. I usually don’t like watching men’s races but this race was amazing. There were at least a dozen guys with a realistic chance of winning and a number of other great athletes that could easily pull out an upset. The venue was beautiful! China did an awesome job showcasing our sport. There were 4 helicopters, tons of motorcycles, and a camera that ran along the entire transition on a long zip-line cord. They also had 3 massive screens in front of the grandstands so spectators didn’t miss a thing.  It was wild!

Simon definitely made it exciting…yo-yoing off the back of the group of three for nearly the entire last lap. There was a moment where I think everyone wrote him off but just seconds later he started to reel them in. It was like Sydney all over again and I thought for sure he was going to win. It was very inspiring watching him run those last 100m. You could see it in his face that he gave absolutely everything he had. Cosmo (the team chef), Phil (Kathy’s coach), and I snuck into the VIP section after the race and we got all the way to the front row for the medal ceremony, it was pretty cool!

This race has made me even more excited about the future. I’m definitely pumped for the next four years. I’m already thinking and preparing for London.  My first race of the quadrenial will be the Lorient World Cup in just over a month’s time.


Author: Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete 2012 Olympian 3x Canadian National Champion

2 thoughts on “What an Experience!!!

  1. Four years goes quick – kudos to TriCan for realizing the value in sending you and Kirsten to get a taste of the Olympic experience. It will give you an edge when you get to London 2012.

  2. Congrats to you and your team for that silver medal. Your speedy 10K gives you the opportunity to be there in 2012 and beyond. Greg

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