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Another solid week

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I just finished week #2 of my “training camp” in Vancouver. It’s been going well. Lots of swimming right now and the run frequency is building up too.

I had a very similar week to last week, nothing too crazy yet. Monday was a typical recovery day…a couple swims – one aerobic, one easy. Tuesday morning I had a treadmill session in the basement of the UBC pool, it’s nice and warm down there. A short aerobic swim finished off the morning. A ride with some steady state and a run off the bike in the afternoon. Wednesday was short and sweet. A run-bike-run session in the morning and a recovery swim in the afternoon. Thursday was a 5k swim in the morning with a set of 100’s, a 90min run, and another short swim in the afternoon.  Friday was another 5k swim with lots of pulling and a base ride. Saturday was a fartlek run workout in the morning and an easy run in the afternoon. I also went to a Teck Cominco family barbeque. They threw quite the picnic! They had the official 2010 Olympic mascots there, a live band, loads of games for the kids to play, face painting, sumo wrestling, and tons of other stuff. We had quite the volleyball game too where I’m pretty sure my team crushed Simon’s team! Sunday was a longer base ride with a climb up Cypress Mountain, a 5k swim, and an easy run in the evening.

Thanks to everyone who sent me info on all the good training sites here in Vancouver. I’ve checked out many of the spots and they’ve all been great. The weather has been surprisingly good too. Lots of sunshine!

Just less than 3 weeks to go now before Lorient. It’s been a while since I’ve raced so it’ll be nice to get out there again!


Author: Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete 2012 Olympian 3x Canadian National Champion

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