Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete & Canadian Olympian

Treadmills suck Swiss Balls


This afternoon I had a treadmill run so I walked over to the UBC aquatic centre where they have a small weight room in the basement of the building. It’s pretty convenient living on a university campus with so many great facilities at your disposal. The weight room at the pool has an old school atmosphere to it. It’s very small with some older equipment and only one tv in the corner of the room. I like the feel to it and it has a brand new Woodway treadmill which is awesome! It’s also nice and warm down there so it’s good heat training for Mexico.

Anyway, so I hopped onto the treadmill and started walking to begin my warm up. Everything was going fine. I did my usual “people watching” to check out what other people in the gym were doing. Nothing too crazy today. Then, out of no where, the treadmill suddenly tipped forward and I felt like I was getting launched! Luckily I only had it at 3 mph so I didn’t get hurt or anything but it was pretty startling. It turns out some guy was using a swiss ball behind me, lost control of it, and it rolled into the belt and got sucked under the back of the treadmill which propelled me forward. This might be a little hard to imagine. I personally have never seen anything like this! It was pretty crazy. I found this video on youtube that might help you understand just exactly what happened.

I couldn’t imagine what would have happened had I been running at the time.

The guy who had been using the ball helped me lift the treadmill so we could get the ball out from underneath. Since the treadmill was already tipped down the guy went to the front and pushed down while I tried to support the back end and get the ball out. I was able to get it out while still holding the back up but then the guy stopped pushing down on the front and I was left lifting the entire weight of the treadmill!!!  Can you believe that?!?! Does this guy think I’m Hercules??? So, I had a mini panic attack as the treadmill was slipping out of my hands…all I could picture was it coming down and both my feet getting smashed. The guy quickly realized and pushed down on the front to relieve some of the weight and help me place the treadmill back on the ground. It was an eventful warm up to say the least. The thing that really blew me away by this whole ordeal was how everyone else in the gym seemed completely unphased at what just happened. No one even laughed or anything! Even the woman beside me just carried on running…didn’t say a word! I don’t know about you but if I saw a swiss ball get sucked under a treadmill and almost flip, it would definitely catch my attention!


Author: Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete 2012 Olympian 3x Canadian National Champion

2 thoughts on “Treadmills suck Swiss Balls

  1. That is totally whacked. Good thing you weren’t injured during this madness.

  2. Good luck in Mexico!
    Ranked number 4 going in!
    I hope you beat your ranking and get on the podium!
    Go Canada Go!

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