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It feels good to be back on a schedule. I really enjoy the eat, sleep, train lifestyle. Don’t really need to think too much, just follow what coach Joel writes.

The month of December is pretty basic. Just putting in the miles and gradually building up the fitness again. I don’t feel like I lost too much over the break so it shouldn’t take too long. Things are coming along nicely so far. I’ve been doing a lot of strengthening and balancing drills throughout the week as well. Mostly pre-hab stuff to get stronger and avoid any injuries. I’ve also been paying a bit more attention to technique in the pool. I figure now is the best time to make any adjustments.

It’s always easy to keep cycling interesting in the winter months. Each week has a bit of everything. I usually have a couple sessions on the trainer, a couple on the rollers and then obviously a few rides outside so I remember how to keep the rubber side down. It’s definitely getting cooler here in Vancouver. The rain can be a bit miserable at times but if you dress for it it’s not too bad. The one good thing about riding outdoors at this time of year is that your water bottles stay cold…and again Dano, when I say cold I don’t mean frozen solid, like you can actually still drink out of them. Then again I guess you don’t even really need to bring bottles when you go out riding in Holland Landing – just pull over and eat some snow.


Author: Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete 2012 Olympian 3x Canadian National Champion

One thought on “Routine

  1. Yup…It’s a bit chilly here in the Landing.
    Highs of -5 or so, which makes for some great XC Skiing! Eating snow is a good way to stay hydrated, just don’t eat the yellow snow.

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