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Training and a new tv

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It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 weeks since our camp in Maui. Although I miss the Hawaiian weather, I really can’t complain too much about it here in Victoria…we’ve had a lot of sunny and relatively warm days.

I’ve had a lot going on since I’ve been back in Victoria. The first week post Maui was filled with meetings. I had the opportunity to sit down with our new high performance director, Kurt Innes, to discuss the upcoming season. I can confidently say we’re in good hands. Kurt’s a great guy with a ton of experience as an athlete, coach, and sport director. He’s been very helpful making sure everything is taken care of as we train without a coach at the moment. This transition phase has gone very smooth, we’ve haven’t missed a beat!

I also had some blood work done when I got back from Maui that was positive for H. Pylori. It’s a gut bacteria that is fairly common in the general population but I’ve had some digestion problems for the past little while and I’m hoping that this bug is the culprit.  I have some antibiotics that will take me just over a week to finish and then hopefully I’ll be cured!  I was somewhat happy when I found out that there may be a cause to my digestion problems as they have been a source of concern for me; it would be awesome if these antibiotics turned out to be the silver bullet. My ferritin levels are also low at the moment which may, or may not be related to the infection.  I’ve been using supplements so hopefully it doesn’t take too long to get the levels back up to normal.

Having said all that, training is actually going quite well. Our group has been rolling along nicely the past couple weeks. We’ve had some very solid sessions across all three sports. We’ve been doing a lot of steady strength work and long tempos so the fatigue is definitely building up in the legs. We have 4 more days in this block and then we get a few easy recovery days so that’ll be nice.

Oh, and this is our new tv! Joel’s been selling a lot of his stuff before he leaves for Britain and we scored this. Kelly is watching the Oscars on it right now.


Author: Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete 2012 Olympian 3x Canadian National Champion

One thought on “Training and a new tv

  1. Kyle, The body soaks up animal sources of iron better than vegetable sources…alot better. My understanding is canned clams are the best source. I mean anything that rubbery has to good for you, right? There are always a few cans in my cupboard, especially now that I am sleeping in an altitude tent. Great that you have potential answers to the digestive issues. I should have been a doctor. Cheers. Greg

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