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Tucson Tonight

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Well, camp #2 is almost here. We head out this afternoon to sunny Arizona. It’s come at a good time as the weather here in Victoria has turned a bit ugly. We’ve had some cooler temperatures lately with a fair bit of rain. I was just taking a look at the weather in Tucson and it looks awesome! Quite a bit different than here. Lots of sunshine with highs in the low 30’s.

I’m looking forward to this camp. With the World Cup season approaching the focus will be a little different than the Maui camp. I have a feeling we can expect a lot more intensity and speed sessions!

We have a very small group this time. In addition to Simon, Lauren, and myself we have the french connection of Kathy and DJ….my housemates for the camp, should be fun! There’s a lot of other athletes training in Tucson right now, including the NTC development squad, so we’ll definitely be joining up with some of them. There’s also a rumour than Mr. A to the P himself is somewhere in the desert too. Hopefully we’ll make a sighting.

Author: Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete 2012 Olympian 3x Canadian National Champion

One thought on “Tucson Tonight

  1. Look out for that A to the P fellow….I hear he’s trouble!!

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