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Testing Complete

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It was a busy day of training today. It started with an aerobic/technical swim in the morning, followed by a quick bite to eat, then it was off to PISE. Test #1 was on the bike. Essentially it was a VO2 max test with lactates. 3min intervals (increasing by 30 watts) to lactate threshold and then 1min intervals to exhaustion. Test went well…I cooled down and headed back home for refueling and a short rest. Then, back to PISE for Test #2, this time on the treadmill. Very similar protocol to the bike…3min intervals then 1 minute intervals to the end. Lots of fun! An easy 30min run and massage finished off the day.

Here’s a couple pictures from the lab.




Author: Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete 2012 Olympian 3x Canadian National Champion

One thought on “Testing Complete

  1. This is a hell of a day test! I had mine on the bike on a morning some weeks ago and was off the rest of the day?! Would you mind telling your numbers and the results achieved?! See myself suffering here:
    You can also see how terrible my numbers were!
    Keep the good news coming, Marcos

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