Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete & Canadian Olympian

I’m back!


It’s been exactly one month since my last blog post. Yesterday was our National Championships in Kelowna so I figure this is a good time to update.

It was the first time in four years that all the National Team members were competing on the mens side. There was also a number of talented young development athletes that toed the line which made for an exciting race.

I had a great start and was able to get some clean water out to the first turn buoy. I came around the turn in about 5th place and was able to settle in for the rest of the swim. Andrew McCartney was his usual fish-like self putting 40 seconds on Simon, Andrew Russell and myself. The three of us had a 15 second gap on the rest of the field. We exited the water together and headed out on to the bike in pursuit of AMac. By the second lap we caught him and the four of us worked together in an effort to hold off Brent and Paul. They eventually caught us on the 3rd lap and we basically just rolled through for the rest of the bike.

The six of us entered transition together and everyone was able to get out pretty quick. Simon went from the start and none of us were able to go with him. Paul, Brent, and I ran pretty hard for the first lap before settling into a good rhythm for the remainder of the run. We took turns leading until the final lap where Brent went to the front. He lead the majority of the lap until about 800m to go when Paul surged ahead. I responded right away and got on his shoulder. I stayed there as we rounded the corner back to home. With less than 200m to go I made my move on the slight uphill as we crossed the bridge. I was able to get a small gap which allowed me to take the inside line straight to the finish while Paul was forced to go wide as we came down the bridge. At this point there was less than 100m to go and we were basically sprinting all out. Paul pulled even with me just as we were about to cross the finish and with a slight lean at the line I was able to just barely hold him off to claim second place.

It was a great feeling not only to finish second but to feel good racing. It’s been a while since I felt the way I did yesterday so I’m very happy. This result has left me confident heading into the WCS Grand Final.


Author: Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete 2012 Olympian 3x Canadian National Champion

4 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Well done KJ…a gut check finish!

  2. Wicked race Kyle! Super happy for you.
    Nice set up for worlds.

    Ciao for now,

  3. congrats dude. im stoked for you!

  4. Hey man, congrats on nationals!

    I like the blog you’ve got going here… It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, but It’s good to check in every so often and see how you’re doing. I’m glad that training and everything has been paying off for you. Keep livin the dream bud


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