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Off season update

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a real update. Lots going lately…

After our trip to Portland I came back to Victoria for a couple weeks of training and then it was off to Ontario for the Canadian XC Champs. It was nice to see all the guys I used to run with during my time at Guelph. I also got to spend some time with my family which was nice. I visited my sister at the school she teaches at and hung out with one of her classes. I also got a chance to check out the Nike Runner’s Lounge in Toronto. A very cool place to hang out and meet up with people to run. They’ll even let you try out new shoes and apparel, plus there’s post run recovery snacks, pretty good deal!

After a couple easy days following the XC race we got right back into training and have been steadily building up the last 3 weeks. The progression has gone well and I’m happy with where I’m at. Last weekend we made another short trip, this time to Boulder, Colorado for some testing at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. I got a running gait analysis and bike fit using all the latest equipment and software. Both sessions were very thorough and we got some really good feedback. A few subtle changes to my bike position and a couple modifications to my running form should make a big difference in 2010. Thanks to Andy Pruitt, Sean Madsen, and Tim Hilden for their expert analysis!

A few more days here in Victoria and then Kelly and I are heading back to Ontario to spend Christmas with our families. Looking forward to it!

Author: Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete 2012 Olympian 3x Canadian National Champion

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