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Hamburg WCS

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Yesterday I raced Round 4 of the World Championship series in Hamburg, Germany. The day started with a bit of a rough swim. I’ve had some pretty good starts so far this year but this time around I found myself near the back heading out to the first turn. Surprisingly I was able to get around the buoy relatively untouched and was able to shoot a gap to put myself within the main bunch. I maintained my position for the remainder of the swim and exited the water around mid-pack.

The bike was on from the beginning. The course was flat but with 8 corners each lap there were a lot of accelerations. The pace was pretty solid for about 6 laps and then it let up on the last couple. By the end of the bike there was one large pack of about 50 guys.

My positioning coming into transition wasn’t great but I was able to get out quick. Within the first 2k I was running in about 15th spot. I felt strong for the first 5k of the run but then my quads started cramping. By the last lap they were in full spasm which made it hard to push the pace, but I was able to hold my position and crossed the line in 16th place.

There are a couple of things I could have done better but overall I’m pleased with the result. I was able to score some decent points to move up in the series, as well as the Olympic ranking.

One last day here in Germany and then we’re off to London tomorrow!


Author: Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete 2012 Olympian 3x Canadian National Champion

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