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Professional Triathlete & Canadian Olympian

48 hours ago…

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I started packing for our 2 week camp in Flagstaff. Everything was going smoothly. Bike was in the box, bags were packed and ready to go. Just missing one item…my passport. I went to grab it from the usual spot where I keep it, but it wasn’t there. I searched the entire house, looked through every bag I’ve ever owned, checked the car, but no sign of it. After about 3 hours of searching I figured I must have lost it coming home from my last trip.

I was due to leave Sunday morning at 7am. At this point it was 10pm Saturday night. So yeah, that wasn’t happening. I called the airline to cancel my flight and luckily they gave me a credit. The passport office was closed on Sunday but it gave me a chance to get the application done and get some pictures. Huge thanks to our team doctor, Steve Keeler, for helping me out on a Sunday evening (with two kids, on Halloween!).

In addition to the new application I also had to fill out a form to declare my old one lost. Another huge thanks to Rumon Carter, amazing photographer/writer/athlete/lawyer, for meeting me this morning and helping me with that. I was able to get to the passport office at 8:30 when it opened with everything completed. They called my references (thanks Kurt and Jon) and I re-booked my flight for tomorrow morning. I went and did some training, then went back to the office at 4 to pick up my shiny new passport!

It’s been an eventful 48 hours. Looking forward to re-uniting with the boys. They couldn’t get rid of me that easily!

Author: Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete 2012 Olympian 3x Canadian National Champion

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