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Time for an update!

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I’ve been in Maui for almost a week now. Aside from a couple storms we’ve had pretty good weather so far. It’s nice to be swimming outdoors. I don’t know what it is but swimming in an outdoor pool is so much more enjoyable. We haven’t been in the ocean yet but we’re planning a couple sessions for next week. There’s no better place to swim open water than Hawaii!

Riding here is just as I remembered, hills and more hills, which is good for me as I build up my fitness again. It’s pretty easy to get your heart rate up. You don’t need to think much, just keep climbing and stay on the wheel in front of you. Running has been a lot of the same. Lots of hills!

I’ve been happily surprised with how my training has progressed so far. Everything seems to be coming back much sooner than I expected. I’m definitely feeling a bit tired and sore but it’s nice to have that feeling again. After 3 weeks here I think I should be well on my way.

We have a great group here. On the mens side we have Simon, ARuss, AMac, and a new addition to the squad, Jon Bird. Everyone gets along well and we’ve been having a good time so far. I don’t have a camera here but I’ll be sure to steal some photos from the other guys to post.

Off to dinner now, another pow wow with the coaches at Whole Foods. Then back to the house for some foam rolling and more Entourage re-runs.


Author: Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete 2012 Olympian 3x Canadian National Champion

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