Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete & Canadian Olympian

They come in threes


The last few months have been eventful. Surgery in November, followed by 6 weeks of recovery. Started back training in early January. Then, a week later I crashed hard on my bike at our camp in Maui. My head took most of the blow but thanks to my helmet I was okay. Other than some road rash the only injury lingering from the crash was my left hand/wrist. I must have jammed it somehow when I hit the ground because it’s been tender ever since. All the x-rays were normal but there was still some speculation on one of the bones in my wrist.

I’d been waiting for a CT scan to get a better image and I finally got one last week, thanks to some action in the pool Tuesday morning. With less than 50 metres to go in the warm-up Jon Bird and I collided head on. As soon as we hit, I knew it wasn’t good. I’m pretty sure my left hand went directly into his shoulder. I got out of the pool and drove straight to the doctor. Luckily I was able to get right in for the CT scan.

It turns out the bone in my wrist was fractured and I now have 2 more fractures in my hand from the collision that morning. I saw a plastic surgeon on Friday and the outlook is positive. No surgery is necessary and he thinks with 4 weeks of immobilization everything should heal nicely.

So, swimming is touch-and-go for the next little while but running is going well and with the weather we’ve been having here lately riding the trainer isn’t a big deal. My bike has been glued to the trainer for the past 2 weeks so it hasn’t been much of an adjustment.

Anyway, it’s just another bump in the road and I know it could always be worse, so I can’t complain too much. They say everything happens for a reason, maybe it was to complete the set so I’ll be clear sailing for the rest of the season!


Author: Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete 2012 Olympian 3x Canadian National Champion

3 thoughts on “They come in threes

  1. Kyle, I can commiserate here, I sprained BOTH hands/wrists hitting a speedbump on a night ride about 10 weeks ago,.yeah I know. Healed now to 95% function.

    Funny… swimming was the only sport I couldn’t still do at 100%. after the accident. There are water-proof cast covers out there if you want to chance some kicking drills. I used one on my broken foot a couple years ago, and it worked great.

    Heal fast.

  2. Head up dude. I’m still mired in health issues but like hell i’m giving up. Perseverance is everything.

  3. That’s quite a go there. On the bright side, 3 of those 4 weeks are almost down!

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