Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete & Canadian Olympian

Cancun World Cup


This past weekend I was in Cancun for my final tune-up race before the ITU Grand Final in Auckland. We trained through this race so I expected to be carrying a bit of fatigue but was still hoping I’d be fresh enough to contend for the win. I had a great swim, exiting the water in 3rd and putting myself in great position heading out onto the bike. There was a long string of athletes that ended up forming one large group. There were a few accelerations but after the 3 lap bike course it was one massive group coming off the bike together. I exited transition a bit farther back than I would have liked, but even once I got going I felt like I was stuck in one gear. I just didn’t have that “snap” in my legs. I fluctuated among the top 10 for most of the run and was able to finish strong in 7th. I’m now back in Clermont for another week of training with Jarrod Shoemaker and Coach Joel before we leave for New Zealand. With a bit more recovery over the next 2 weeks I expect to freshen up and be ready to go in Auckland.

All photos courtesy of Arnold Lim, ITU


Author: Kyle Jones

Professional Triathlete 2012 Olympian 3x Canadian National Champion

2 thoughts on “Cancun World Cup

  1. Nice work Kyle!! Hope you kick some butt in NZ 🙂

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